We provide a comprehensive range of services to suit projects including single storey residence, building additions, existing buildings and complex multi storey residences/multi-units & apartments.

What sets us apart is our ability to understand your business & engineering requirements to better comprehend how we can use our extensive skills, knowledge and expertise in the areas that you need it most. Whether it’s cost effectiveness, speed of delivery or special technical knowledge, we’ll make sure that we focus on the areas that your residential engineering project needs to succeed.

Lightweight/Modular Construction

Prompt Engineering has a proud history in designing and engineering modular buildings. Our experience in this area leads to cheaper, more efficient designs and sturdier construction.

Utilizing our strong relationships with suppliers such as Pyrda , Mitek and Bluescope we are able to offer an unmatched level of service and expertise when it comes to designing with lightweight components.

Our engineers also have extensive experience designing lightweight and modular structures for cyclone prone regions of Australia. Capable of handling large wind loads, these specialised design projects allow for remote construction and include features like special tie downs, efficient foundations and minimal site welding.

Structural/Site Inspections

Our expert team can carry out a range of structural and site inspections to assess existing or proposed structures and determine their structural integrity and the implications for proposed construction, modifications and installations.

Roof/Wall Framing Analysis: Have our engineers design or check your roof and wall framing specifications to ensure compliance with Australian standards and provide you with a design that suits local manufacturing and construction standards.

Dilapidation Reports: dilapidation inspections document pre-existing defects in the condition of the residence before any construction works in the adjoining property.

Retaining Wall Inspections: inspections are carried out on existing retaining walls to determine if they can support the loads which will be placed upon them and provide structural recommendations.

Concrete / Brick Swimming Pool Design

Our team of expert engineers will guide you through the process of selecting which construction technique is best suited to your project and then provide you with the necessary structural drawings for council approval and construction requirements.

Patio, Shed, Carport, Gazebo Design

We can design timber or steel framed structures to ensure your patio, shed, carport, gazebo construction will both look fantastic and get council approval.

Property Modifications & Extensions

Whether you’re looking to build a small extension or add a whole new upper floor, our experienced engineers can assist in this process. From the first inspection of the existing structure to the design process and any inspections required along the way, you can be confident that you have trusted expert advice at your disposal.

Stormwater Design

Stormwater design is required to ensure that the roof and surface water from your building is managed so as not to cause flooding to you or any neighbouring properties. We liaise with the local authorities and our geotechnical engineers to design a system best suited for your project.