With over 60 years of combined local experience in the structural investigation and geotechnical fields, we can offer a full range of inspection services including:

– Geotechnical inspections and investigations.

– Structural compliance inspections of work under construction.

– Forensic structural investigations and reporting.

Soil Testing and Analysis

Our state of the art laboratory carries out soil testing and reporting including Atterberg testing, linear shrinkage and full range PSD testing.

Site Inspections

Site investigations consist of drilling boreholes up to 4.0m deep for material assessment of subsoil layers, soil strata descriptions, soil profiling, and soil sampling.

Earthwork Certification & Compliances

Earthwork certification and compliance may be required prior to, and during, earthworks. Prompt Engineering carries out these inspections on site by compaction testing and/or the drilling of boreholes at random locations to check the soil profile, ground density and compressibility.

Compaction Testing

In-situ compaction tests are carried out using either of the following:

• Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Test (AS 1289 6.3.2)

• Perth Sand Penetrometer Test (AS 1289 6.3.3)

Geotechnical Assessments

Our expertly conducted geotechnical assessments can:

• Identify subsurface soil conditions.

• Assess groundwater conditions.