A diverse range of skills and expertise. A strong technical background. Excellent organisational prowess and project management experience. At Prompt Engineering we understand what it takes to complete a successful commercial engineering project and have an excellent track record of delivering outstanding results on time and on budget.

We also understand that when you’re working on a large scale project, you don’t want to have to keep a track of numerous different engineering contractors for different stages. Our comprehensive, one-stop-shop design and consultancy service means that you’ll just have one point of contact for the whole process.

In addition to providing innovative solutions and delivering exceptional results, we also aim to make your commercial engineering projects as easy and stress-free as possible. Unlike a lot of other firms, we like to think that our dedication to client relationships is one of our strong suits.

Industrial shed and Warehouse Design

Whether it’s portal, frames or tilt-up concrete structures, we always work closely with our clients to understand their needs and deliver the construction methodology that best satisfies their structural requirements.

Modular Construction

As one of the lead structural engineering consulting firms in the modular sector, we offer our clients the most cost efficient solutions through excellent design and effective coordination with the modular fabricator’s design and fabrication team. This also includes cyclonic engineering for structures built in cyclone susceptible areas.

When dealing with manufacturing based modular construction projects we always work closely with our clients to properly understand their manufacturing process. This enables us to provide our unique expertise to help improve their outcomes, increase productivity, minimise overheads and boost their bottom line.

Commercial Infrastructure

We have extensive experience providing highly effective engineering solutions for a wide range of commercial infrastructure projects, predominantly industrial and utility facilities for the mining and oil and gas industry.

Project Management

Our extensive experience as lead consultants and proven track-record of delivering projects in the building sector has enabled us to establish a reputation for providing excellent project management services.

Prompt Engineering can assemble a design team to tackle a wide variety of medium to large scale projects. This includes engaging and managing multi-disciplinary engineering such as geotechnical, civil, structural, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, fire, acoustic, building compliance and more.

Our engineers possess the comprehensive expertise that can only come from years of industry experience, enabling them to field all project enquiries and providing clients with the convenience of a single point of contact.

Building Services

Includes mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering. Waiting on info to be supplied by the client