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Project Description

The Brief

This was certainly a design & documentation job on a grand scale. Embarking on a construction project to build accomodation for a 5000 person camp in Onslow to support their Wheatstone project, Chevron engaged us to design 1200 accommodation modules and amenities.

Given the cyclone prone nature of the location, the structures all needed to designed with a post-disaster capability – in this case, the ability to withstand high winds. In addition to this, all engineering design and documentation was prepared to meet Chevron’s strict specifications including calculation reports for third party review.

The Challenge

With a project of this scale, there were several challenges to overcome.

Firstly, with the prefabrication being undertaken in Thailand, we needed to maintain constant communication and and supervision with the contractor to ensure that everything met Australian construction requirements.

Once the units had been fabricated, we also had to design and deploy a specialised transportation rack to allow the units to be shipped together efficiently and without being damaged.

Lastly, as the foundation work was done by another engineering firm, we had to work in close consultation with them to make sure that all the connections were correctly placed to ensure that the units fitted in once they arrive on site.

The Result

Given the immense scope and highly detailed and demanding nature of this project, we’re immensely proud our team’s ability to work together to deliver an end result that came in on time, on budget and met the brief we were given.

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