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Project Description

The Brief

With Cedarleaf Entrance, Plunkett Homes wanted to create a highly modern home with several unique characteristics that separate it from the standard single storey residence.

The specification included a very high 45c ceilings with 36c-42c highlight windows to the living area, a large 7000×3000 coffered ceiling to the dining/kitchen area and corner column-less window to the front theatre room of the house.

The Challenge

The 45c raised ceiling to the living area proved a challenge to the stability of the structure with its high 36c-42c highlight windows. The introduction of several columns and t-lintels to the structure helped strengthen and stabilize the brickwork to allow the ceiling being raised to 45c.

The large coffered ceiling was achieved using only timber members by raising the brickwork on either side to the same height as the reassessed section of the coffered ceiling. This allowed the use of several supported beams to run over the reassessed section picking up the coffered ceiling perimeter beams.

We achieved the column-less corner window to the theatre room by introducing a timber beams that extended to the column on the porch area. This allowed the roof over to be supported on the beam without the need for a column to the corner window.

The Result

Prompt Engineer is very proud of the way the engineering was able to contribute to the design of Cedarleaf Entrance to produce a unique and highly modern home. The Cedarleaf Entrance was also a winner in the following award category:

  • WINNER 2018 HIA BEST DISPLAY HOME $310,001 – $340,000, Metro

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