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Project Description

The Brief

With The Mod, Summit Homes wanted to create a fantastically original home that would give the illusions of being double storey from the outside, while inside the incredibly high 45c ceilings would create a massive void and an amazing sense of space.

We were engaged to engineer the 6m x 14m prefabricated steel module that was central to achieving this effect. Prefabricated off site and then dropped in at a later date, it would attach to the brickwork and sit over the central double alfresco area.

The Challenge

As with all prefabricated steel engineering, the primary challenge was to ensure precision in design so that it fit with the rest of the structure when dropped in on site.

A large structure supported by only 4 columns, we also has to ensure that it was set precisely so that it both matched the rest of the home design and was able to maintain structural integrity over the long term.

The Result

We’re very happy with the way that our engineering was able to contribute to a highly ambitious, original and successful display home. The module we designed perfectly achieved the impressive two storey illusion that allowed a great deal of light and space on the interior. The Mod was also a finalist in the following award categories:

  • FINALIST 2017 HIA Excellence in Service, Metro
  • FINALIST 2017 HIA Display Home $370,001 to $400,000, Metro

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