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At Prompt Engineering we combine extensive industry experience with a dynamic team environment focused on using the most advanced technology to achieve outstanding results.

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Not Your Typical Engineering Firm

With an average age of less than 40, we’re not what many people would consider a ‘typical’ engineering outfit. We’re highly motivated to maintain our reputation as a leading, technology-focused engineering firm.

We’re very driven and are always looking to discover new ways of delivering our clients the best outcome possible.

That’s why we put such a high value on innovation and forward thinking. We’re constantly researching, attending national and international conferences and networking so that we can apply the latest techniques. We’re never happy to rest on our laurels if we can learn a better/faster/more cost efficient way to do things next time.

We’re also committed to creating a platform for young engineers to grow and develop. Harnessing their passion and providing guidance and mentor-ship has been one of the major secrets behind our success.

The Team

Consisting of over 35 professionals including civil, structural and geotechnical engineers, specialist engineering consultants and a dedicated support team, our team has extensive experience working in Australia and overseas and are experts in the residential, commercial and modular market.

We promote a proactive attitude toward solving problems and focus on providing a positive and supportive working environment. Our engineers are committed to achieving results and continuously strive to improve the level of performance.

Core values of excellence, support, collaboration and innovation have helped make us a unique and dynamic engineering team. We carry this philosophy through to our client relationships, which is why ours are some of the happiest and most satisfied in town.

Michael Young

Michael Young

BEng, CPEng, Reg Builder WA

With decades of proven expertise across a diverse range of projects, Michael has been an integral part of the structural engineering industry in WA and a pioneer in his field.
His extensive history as a chartered engineer, registered builder and business owner has led him to be associated with a vast array of projects across the state.

As the leader of the company, his ability to motivate professionals to continuously strive for engineering excellence is his key to success.

Wilson Hui

Wilson Hui

CEO, BEng (Hons), MIEAus

As CEO and Senior Company Director of Prompt Engineering, I take great pride in having built an organisation that is regarded as an industry leader in the field of civil, structural & geotechnical engineering. Thanks to our commitment to fast, cost-effective engineering solutions we’ve been able to forge excellent relationships with a wide range of clients across many different industries.

I’m also the only engineer to have won the MBA Ric New Medal that recognises the outstanding potential, work ethic and commitment to the building and construction industry in Western Australia, something which I am immensely proud of.

But more than any awards, I’m most proud of establishing an experienced, innovative and dependable team that is always working hard to take our business to the next level. Everyone at Prompt – myself included – prides ourselves on our excellent relationships with our clients and knows that we only succeed when you do.

We like to think of ourselves as a “can do” kind of company: when other engineering firms might put a job in the “too hard basket”, we’ll go the extra mile and work extra hard to exceed your expectations.

Whether you’re working in the residential, commercial or industrial sector, we’ll always go above and beyond to get the job done and exceed expectations

Ric New Medal For Excellence 2016
Nominated for 2017 Business News 40 under 40

Our Story

Prompt Engineering was established by Michael Young, Ben Horner and Michael O’Loughlin in 2009. Combining Michael Y.’s 35+ years as a chartered structural engineer with the software development background by Ben H. and Michael O., the company was started with the vision of providing an “online” engineering service at a competitive price.

Using custom designed systems and advanced technological solutions to deliver our clients efficient and effective results, we’ve quickly developed a reputation as one of the city’s foremost engineering firms.

Shortly after Wilson Hui and Chris Pirie join the company in 2012, their expertise has leaded Prompt Engineering grow from an operation under 10 to a team of more than 35 dedicated professionals in less than a decade. The whole Prompt Engineering team are excited about the future and are looking forward to continuing to grow and develop.

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