With a focus on excellence and cost-effective solutions, we offer a diverse range of engineering services to the residential, commercial, mining and industrial markets, predominately for major builders, architects, owner builders, developers, mining companies, industry suppliers, steel fabricators, government agencies, earthmoving contractors and home owners.

As leaders in the civil, structural and geotechnical engineering field a combination of over 60 years of experience in engineering, our motivated and professional team of engineers are able to assist in all of your engineering design needs. 

From geotechnical investigations all the way up to project management for high-rise buildings, Prompt Engineering can customise the best way in which to handle your specific needs and requirements to get the best end result for your project.

We offer innovative and cost effective structural design, documentation and/or drawings along with project management and new product testing.


With a combination of 60 years of experience in the residential structural engineering field, our talented team is renowned for providing the most practical and cost efficient design in Western Australia. From engineer certified markups on architectural plans and standard details, to professional structural engineering drawings, we provide a wide range of services to suit our client’s projects for single storey residence/ additions, existing buildings, to complex multi storey residence/ multi – units apartments.

Foundation Design

The foundation design is one of the most critical aspects of a building, whether it is a single storey residential home or 16 storey apartment building. Our team of expert engineers will design the foundation for your proposed building base on the soil classification, ensuring a cost effective solution which will stand the test of time.

Lightweight Construction

Utilizing our strong relationships with suppliers such as Pyrda , Mitek and Bluescope we are able to offer a level of service and expertise which cannot be matched when it comes to designing with lightweight components of your building.

Roof/ Wall Framing Analysis

Have our engineers design or check your roof and wall framing specifications to ensure compliance with Australian standards and provide you with a design that suits local manufacturing and construction standards.

Concrete / Brick Swimming Pool Design

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, our team of expert engineers will guide you through the process of selecting which construction technique is best suited to your project and then provide you with the necessary structural drawings for council approval and construction requirements.

Patio, Shed, Carport, Gazebo Design

Structural design of timber or steel framed structures are provided to ensure your Patio, Shed, carport, gazebo construction can be passed by the local authority and then constructed by your builder.

Upper Story Extensions

If you decide to add on a single room or a whole upper floor our expert engineers will assist in the process. From the first inspection of the existing structure to determine what can be built on top, to the structural design and any inspections required along the way, you can be confident that you have expert advice at your disposal.

Stormwater Design

Stormwater design is required to ensure that the roof and surface water from your building is managed so as not to cause flooding to you or the neighbouring properties. We liaise with the local authorities and our geotechnical engineers to design a system best suited for your project.

Modular Design

Prompt Engineering has a proud history in designing and engineering modular building technology. Our experience in this area leads to cheaper and more efficient designs. Prompt Engineering has a good network of resources within other fields that cover the compliances required for modular certifications.

Cyclonic Design

Our engineers have extensive design experience in design of structures in cyclonic regions of Australia. In addition to the large wind loads, this design often requires good design initiative to allow for remote construction requirements, such as special tie downs, efficient foundations, minimum site welding, and extensive use of lightweight steel or timber.

Structural Inspections

Structural inspections are carried out to assess existing or proposed structures to determine their structural integrity and the implication on proposed modifications or instillations.

Dilapidation Reports

The purpose of a dilapidation inspection is to document by means of video recording the pre-existing defects in the condition of the residence before any construction works in the adjoining property. The conducted inspection is a non-invasive examination and does not imply that every structural defect will be discovered.

Retaining Wall Inspections & Details

Inspections are carried out to observe existing retaining walls to determine if it can support the loads which will be placed upon it and provide structural recommendations.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)

The intent of the bushfire prone declaration is to improve the level of protection of life and property from bushfire by ensuring that all new buildings are sited and/or constructed to a standard that will reduce the risk of ignition from any bushfire that may occur in the area. The level of construction is dependent on the assessed level of fire intensity that may impact the building. A BAL report takes into account the region, slope, vegetation type and distance to the vegetation. These factors will indicate the bushfires intensity and the associated radiant heat and ember impact on the home.


We offer a full range of inspection services including; geotechnical inspections and investigations, structural compliance inspections of work under construction and forensic structural investigations and reporting. Our site team has a combination of over 60 years of local experience in the structural investigation and geotechnical fields.

Our state of the art laboratory carries out soil testing and reporting including Atterberg testing, linear shrinkage and full range PSD testing.

Soil Testing and Analysis

Laboratory test results from the natural silty/clayey samples are used to estimate the characteristic ground surface movement. This can be derived from the plasticity and reactivity of the soil samples which are tested using Particle Size Distribution, Atterberg Limits, and Linear Shrinkage in accordance to AS 1289. The resultant characteristic ground surface movement is then used to determine the site classification, footing size and sand pad requirements of the site in accordance to AS AS2870: 2011, “Residential Slabs and Footings-Construction”.

Site Inspections

Site investigations consist of drilling boreholes up to 4.0m deep for material assessment of subsoil layers, soil strata descriptions, soil profiling, and soil sampling.

Drilling is done using a 150mm machine driven auger mounted on the tray of a utility vehicle and reactive samples are retrieved then passed on to our in-house soil testing laboratory for classification.

Compaction Testing

In-situ compaction tests are carried out using either of the following:

• Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Test (AS 1289 6.3.2)
• Perth Sand Penetrometer Test (AS 1289 6.3.3)

Earthwork Certification & Compliances

Earthwork certification and compliance may be required prior to, and during, earthworks. Prompt Engineering carries out these inspections on site by compaction testing and/or the drilling of boreholes at random locations to check the soil profile, ground density and compressibility.

The following additional geotechnical engineering certification can be provided by Prompt Engineering as required:

• Inspection of the cut clay base prior to the placement of any sand pad fill materials,
• Fill control

Geotechnical Assessments

The objective of the geotechnical investigation is to:

• Identify subsurface soil conditions;
• Assess groundwater conditions;


With our residential structural engineering experience highly regarded in the WA market our extensive experience in the commercial sector highlights our diversity and strong technical background. With this broad expertise we can offer our clients a comprehensive design and consultancy service for most types of structures by providing innovative solutions and project management to small or large projects.

Industrial shed and Warehouse Design

Prompt Engineering are proficient in portal, frames or tilt-up concrete structures which are the most common types of construction in this building sector. We work together with our clients and the builder to understand their “preferred” construction methodology and ensure it satisfies all structural requirements.

Modular Construction

As one of the lead structural engineering consulting firms in the modular sector, we offer our clients the most cost efficient solutions through coordination with the modular fabricator’s design and fabrication team.

Modular construction ranges from granny flat, single storey residential, camps, office buildings, residential double storey to multi-storey residential/mixed use. Prompt engineering keeps up to date with the latest building technology in this sector and ensures value is added to our clients projects.

Foundation Design

Foundation design includes the most common pad or strip footing to support buildings as well as the consideration of soil parameters and the existing foundation adjacent to the proposed building/boundary (if any). We also carry out pile foundation design, such as screw or concrete pile, to support the building and/or protect existing services such as water corporation sewer pipes.

Cyclonic Design

We are able to assess the specific wind region in accordance with Australian Standards for developments in cyclonic region’s (C or D), and ensure the structure complies with the minimum wind speed requirements. We have extensive experience in tie-down design for buildings where the self-weight of the building is insufficient, as well as designing cyclonic shelters that require impact resistance design, specifically for camps and residential buildings.

Subdivision Design

Our civil team can assist you with all aspects of land subdivision works which includes earthworks, roadworks, stormwater, retaining walls, building pad, services (water, sewer, gas, electrical/comms) and liaise with planners, council and relevant authorities to complete the project.

Contact our experienced engineers if you’re planning to subdivide an existing block into “battle-axe” blocks, multiple stratas or green titles.

Commercial Infrastructure

We provide solutions for engineering requirements for a wide range of commercial infrastructure, predominately industrial and utility facilities for the mining and oil and gas industry.

Hydraulic Design

Prompt Engineering specialises in hydraulic design and documentation for water, sewer, gas, oily/greasy water for residential and commercial developments, including the lodgement of documentation to the Water Corporation and approvals for new or extension works of water and sewer infrastructure. Fire services include fire tanks and pumps, internal hydrants and fire sprinkler to meet fire engineering briefs and relevant Australian Standards.

Project Management

Our extensive experience as lead consultants and proven track-record of delivering projects in the building sector has established our project management experience over the years.

Prompt Engineering can assemble a design team to tackle medium to large scale projects, which includes engaging and managing multi-disciplinary engineering such as geotechnical, civil, structural, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, fire, acoustic, building compliance etc.

Our engineers possess the comprehensive expertise that can only come from years of industry experience, enabling them to field all project enquiries and providing clients with the convenience of a single point of contact.